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"The benefits my son has received from working with Nicole are priceless! Nicole has taught my son to "think" long-term. She has taught him to plan himself weeks in advance. She has taught him strategies to be in control of his schedule as opposed to his schedule controlling him."

My son is a 17-year honors student, varsity athlete, vice president of his class, member of 2 music groups at his school and on parish council at our church. By his third year in high school, he was showing the classic signs of burnout. He was becoming forgetful, overwhelmed, and anxious. He was unwilling to withdraw from his activities, he enjoyed it all.

After seeing Nicole's advertisement in our local paper, I called her. I met her first one-on-one before my son met her. She was professional, calm and very strategic in her advice to me. As a parent, it was clear to me Nicole is a trained professional in working with students. In addition, she was able to communicate clear and concise goals.

Nicole's goal was to empower my son, in a specific period of time, to achieve a calm plan that is achievable and accountable. They met two times per week for one month. The second month involved weekly meetings. By the third month, all of my son's grades improved. Most importantly, he was able to implement tools on a regular basis which allowed him to achieve his goals.

Also critically important, is Nicole's ability to form strong relationships with parents. She is direct, she is experienced, and she is forthcoming with feedback critical to my child's success.

As a parent, my job is to support my son with all the tools necessary to become independent and successful. With Nicole's critical work at this period in his development, I was concerned about his drive to thrive with the upcoming college process ahead of him. I believe he is better equipped to handle the upcoming deadlines, pressure and expectations he faces currently in high school but in the upcoming years ahead of him."

— Joanne, Duxbury mother of high school junior

"For me, Ms. Gambino was a terrific teacher. She knew what it was she had to do in order for me to succeed to the highest possible level."

"Ms. Gambino would always try new things for me. She created templates and was always willing to change them so that it would be exactly the way I needed it. She was able to teach me certain strategies to use to help me with my comprehension. She taught me how to find important information in a story and she did a lot of repetition which for me was the most important thing. Ms. Gambino always helped me with problems I had during the school year and she taught me how to use the strategies for text book readings.

Ms. Gambino always had a lot of hope in me and she knew how to show me that. She left me in a position in reading comprehension that I never knew I would be able to get to. She helped by leading me all the way as far as I could go and much further. She pushed me more and more which was able to allow me to believe that I really could do anything and that I should never give up.

That was such an amazing feeling for me and I will never forget it because it was the best thing that had ever happened to me before and I was so happy that I was able to go so far with this and I will never forget any of the amazing things that she did for me."

— Kylee, 7th Grade Student

"Nicole has been an incredible teacher for our daughter. She is the first teacher who has taken the time to 'get inside her mind' to figure out what might work best and then make changes when needed."

"She also has been incredibly patient allowing our daughter to take the time to succeed. We have found very often that teachers feel the need to give the answer instead of waiting for our daughter to process the information and answer independently. Nicole has been a great advocate for our daughter during the school year working with her classroom teachers and helping them fine-tune their delivery of lessons or test delivery to accommodate her learning style. This was above and beyond her role during the school year and in fact was something she volunteered to do, because she saw the need and because she cared. In addition, Nicole came up with a system to help our daughter organize herself for classes; again something that Nicole saw the need for and volunteered to do. In addition, Nicole has excellent communication with us as parents, updating us often and is always available for questions. She has taught us the importance of teaching a skill vs. getting through the curriculum. She has been an incredible resource at team meetings, telling it like it is without pulling punches. In fact, our outside evaluator who presented our daughter's test results commented that Nicole seemed to be the only one on the team who really 'got it.' Nicole is a demanding teacher who makes the student work hard but she is just as willing to work hard as a teacher. I know my daughter appreciated the time spent learning with Nicole. As my daughter said, 'she helped lead me all the way as far as I could go and more.' "

— Linda and Noreen, Parents of 7th Grade Student

"I have found Nicole to be a very warm, caring, and articulate professional. She is the first person to work with my son on his lifelong writing difficulties who really built a trust relationship with him and creatively employed a variety of techniques to find what was effective to help him."

As a result of her hard work and the techniques that she taught him, he has been able to overcome his writer's block for the first time in his life. He has progressed to the point that Nicole's services are no longer needed in the classroom setting.

Nicole has kept me informed all along as to what she was doing with Eric and how he was progressing. She has given me copies of Eric's work, provided me with the templates that she created for him, and has taught me how to use them. Nicole has also been a strong advocate for Eric in the school system."

— Mary, Mother of a 6th Grade Student

"Children with language-based learning disabilities suffer from self-esteem issues during their school years. They don't believe us when we tell them that they are smart, and just need strategies to help them work around their disabilities."

"Their peers tell them another story. 'You're dumb,' 'Why are you so stupid?' 'You can't even read or write' etc. As a parent, this is incredibly painful to witness. In our case, an auditory processing delay contributed to difficulty assimilating presentation of new curriculum content in the classroom.

The only solution is to provide them with strategies and skills to work around their disability. Early intervention and remediation is desirable to minimize damage to self-esteem, but intervention at any point of discovery is crucial to successful remediation.

As the parent of a college student with a language-based learning disability, we struggled since age six, to find appropriately-trained resources that could provide strategies to help my child achieve grade-level literacy skills. You wouldn't think this would have been so difficult to achieve, but qualified teachers with this specialization, who deliver results are hard to find. Nicole Gambino is an especially gifted SPED teacher with specialization working with students with language-based learning disabilities. In our 15-year struggle to work through these issues, there have only been three people that have worked with my child who really understood this profile.

I recommend Nicole Gambino as a consummate professional who really knows her subject. Upon evaluation, Nicole conceives the tools that she will use based on your child's strengths and weaknesses. Nicole will make a profound difference in the life of any child with a language-based learning disability."

— Patricia, Mother of college sophomore

"Nicole helped me improve my reading and writing during my last year of high school so that I could go on to college."

"I was able to write multi-paragraph essays, organize my thoughts and get them down on paper. My completing high school and moving on to college was a victory celebrated by all of us. As I move forward in college, Nicole continues to support my effort with templates and continuing strategies to help me work toward success. I could never have done this without her help."

— Samantha, College Sophomore

"My high school son was good at verbalizing his thoughts and discussing issues with flair and humor, but he had trouble translating those same thoughts into a well-written essay or term paper."

"This was really hurting him in high school, on his SATs and in life. Nicole convinced him that by using a formulaic approach to writing, he could write a very well-organized and interesting essay that others would want to read. I suspect that he had heard about similar formulas and outlines from his teachers over the years, but it took some tutoring with Nicole to make it all click for him and convince him that it was a winning strategy.

Equally important, after Nicole gave him the tools to improve his writing and worked with him to implement them and practice them, she wanted to get him back out on his own. She is there to help and to be a resource in the future, but not to become a permanent crutch. As a parent, I found that to be a very refreshing approach.

Thanks again Nicole."

— Stacy

"Nicole has been a tremendous asset to our family. She has worked diligently with our son to help us understand his learning strengths and weaknesses. She is giving him strategies to compensate for his difficulties and become both successful and independent. Nicole has become a positive influence in our son's life and an invaluable source of information for my husband and I."

— Suzanne, Mother of 5th Grade Student